Bromic Storage Water Heater 5L Overbench + Tap

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This electric storage water heater features a stainless steel tank designed to ensure quick and easy access to hot water. It is ideal for installation over a sink in a laundry, bathroom, or kitchen. This electronic storage hot water heater is compact and energy efficient. The stainless-steel inner tank is corrosion resistant, with a fast heating time of just 5.5min+. The HF-OH5 model is designed for mounting over sink only.

Stainless Steel Tank

+ Resistant to corrosion

+ No need to change anode regularly

Energy Efficient

+ With very low energy losses

Quick Heating Time

+ With immersion heater of 2000W

+ Heats 5L in 5.5min at 30°C temperature rise

Available in under sink & over sink design

Must be installed with Bromic Mixer Tap or any vented mixer tap


  • Height: 
  • Depth: 
  • Width: 
  • System Type: 
    Boiling & Chilled Water Units
  • Capacity: