Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps work by converting air through refrigerant gas to a heat source which in turn is used to heat the water. 

Heat Pumps are offered as an efficient fully electric hot water system. They are more efficient when compared to the standard electric hot water system. They are extremely efficient when coupled with solar (PV – photovoltaic). Efficiency does vary between heat pump system chosen. 

When purchasing a heat pump, it is a piece of equipment that you rely on daily. There are many components making up the heat pump. Generally, we recommend from at least a mid-range heat pump system to a premium brand with stainless steel inner tank. There are many different brands of heat pumps and we offer the more recognised brands for quality and on-going maintenance in years to come.  

The average life expectancy of an entry level heat pump system is usually 3-5 years; midrange 8-12 years and premium brands +12 years. The usual cost of a heat pump system installed is $3000.00 - $11000.00 This is an out of pocket expense after applicable rebates have been deducted. Cost variance is determined by the system chosen, the difficulty of installation and the type of hot water system that is being replaced.

Hot Water Professionals have knowledge of available rebates and will advise on applicable rebates and take care of the rebate submission.

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