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Hot Water System Installation

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  • Do you currently have hot water?
  • Have you noticed water leaking or a change in the performance of your hot water system?
  • You may be running out of hot water or you may have noticed that the water is discoloured. Your electricity, gas or water bills may be higher than usual.
  • Have your hot water requirements changed? Are you looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient or higher capacity hot water system?
  • Does your building or office block run with a Heavy Duty Gas Bulk hot water system/ Read our blog on the importance of routine servicing and contact us if you would like to schedule regular servicing to extend the life and efficiency of these systems.

Contact Hot Water Professionals to discuss your hot water problem and arrange a prompt service or repair of your existing system. We service and repair hot water systems within the Melbourne metro area and Mornington Peninsula. Alternatively we can provide the best options for a replacement hot water system, if needed.

Hot Water System Installation

At Hot Water Professionals, we have a variety of quality hot water systems and accessories to suit commercial or domestic use for our customers to choose from. We provide a complete range of hot water products nationwide and hot water system installation services in Metro Melbourne, surrounding areas and Mornington Peninsula to our valued clients.

Health & Safety

As a member of the Master Plumber’s Association you can be sure that our experienced specialists at Hot Water Professionals are qualified for the job. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) is our top priority when it comes to repairing, servicing and installing hot water heaters for our clients.

There is much more to installing a new hot water system than meets the eye, including connecting to the correct sized gas lines, implementing the recommended thermostat settings, considering flues and ventilation, size and placement of the system, and much more. Hot water systems that have not been installed properly are a health hazard which can cause water leakage, gas leaks and fires.

Having a professional on hand to install your hot water heater is absolutely essential for the health and safety of your home or business. At Hot Water Professionals, we have extensive experience with water heater installations across residential and commercial units including Real Estate, Body Corporates as well as for individual homes.

Our team of hot water experts include reliable, licenced and experienced plumbers and gasfitters. We take the time to understand your individual needs and efficiently install your hot water system with utmost care, health and safety in mind. You can count on our team to provide exceptional and reliable services and ongoing maintenance of your hot water system across Melbourne.

Our Installation Guarantee

Your hot water experience doesn’t just end with installation – we provide outstanding after-sales support. Once we’ve installed your new hot water system, we offer a 6-year warranty on our workmanship. We also provide a 1-year warranty on maintenance works, where parts and labour are supplied exclusively through us.

Whether you’re in need of a gas, electric or a solar powered hot water system, we make it our mission to live up to our name as ‘Hot Water Professionals,’ and provide outstanding services. With our experienced, hot water system installation team on hand, you can rest assured that the job is carried out correctly, safely and strictly to compliance.   

If you’re experiencing any issues from your current hot water heater like lukewarm or not hot water, water leakage, an interrupted hot water supply, excessive noise or discoloured water, our team of professionals are here to help.

Call us today to discuss your hot water needs or to arrange a hot water heater installation. We provide professional advice tailored to your individual situation as well as competitive pricing!

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Hot Water Change Over - Monthly Specials - Cash Price

Fully installed as a straight change over** and the removal of the old unit.

Gas Storage

**Notes for Hot Water Change Over - Monthly Specials

Hot water change over monthly specials are available for weekdays in Melbourne metro and Mornington Peninsula. Weekend work may incur a surcharge.

When clicking “View unit price and specifications”, you will be taken to the product page. The product page displays product images and specifications only. The price shown on the product page is the supply only price and does not include installation. The above pricing is the supply and install price, taking into account the following notes:

  1. Supply and installation of a brand new unit with full manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Changeover of existing external gas hot water system, continuous flow system or electric hot water system in the same location with similar capacity.
  3. Connection to hot, cold and gas points in the same location.
  4. The cost of additional works is not included. If the unit needs to be relocated due to non-compliance or the existing gas line is undersized and needs upgrading or the electric circuitry requires amendment then a quote prior to commencement will be provided for approval.
  5. An electrical power point and electrical safety switch for continuous flow hot water units is required. If they are not available there will be an additional cost to install them.
  6. Price includes using the existing valves. Non-compliant or incorrect valves will need to be replaced at an additional cost.
  7. All jobs will be issued with a compliance certificate at an additional cost of $35.00

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