Zip Econoboil 7.5L White 407042

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Two-way cool to touch tap for easy and safe dispensing of boiling water. Push forward for filling cups, pull back to 'lock on' to fill pots hands free.
Unfiltered on wall unit.
Designed to operate within 1°C of boiling water (factory set 98°C)
Patented twin chamber technology separates incoming cold water from boiling tank so that the boiling water temperature is not compromised.
Patented steam-heat-boost feature preheats mains water in the cistern prior to entry in the boiling tank.
Tontine insulation to minimise heat loss.
Copper main tank with stainless steel cistern with provision for service access to boiling chamber.
Built in temperature control that automatically cuts power supply in the event of temperature control failure, boil dry cut out or blocked vent pipe.
Thermal cut out integral to heating element and vent tube.
7.5 Litre white

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  • System Type: 
    Boiling & Chilled Water Units
  • Capacity: 
    45 cups at one time, 140 cups recovery /hour