Zip CL1503 MCX4

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Point of Use hot water system
Small Electronic instantaneous.
Highly efficient bare wire heating system achieves maximum efficiency plus fastest possible heat up time.
Economic Hot Water
Small and stylish
Appliance heats the water automatically as the water flows through.
Energy saved in standby operation when compared to storage hot water.
Heating power is electronically controlled in order to ensure that all the outlet temperature won't be exceeded.
Mini sized under sink.
Fitted with power plug.
Supplied with special tap nozzle with integral flow regulator.
Can be used with standard sanitary taps, touch free sensor taps, pillar taps.
Settings available to prevent scolding.
Can be used to preheat water (e.g. solar heating systems)
Single phase 4.4kw, 19Amp

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  • Rating: 
    4.4KW - 19 amps
  • Height: 
  • Depth: 
  • Indoor/Outdoor: 
  • Width: 
  • System Type: 
    Continuous Flow
  • Capacity: 
    2.5 l/Min hot water flow rate at 25&deg
  • Recovery Rate: 
    C temperature rise