Rinnai Glass Lined CC - 300GL/ CC2P /S26 - System 12

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Rinnai Close Coupled 300L GL Tank, 2 Panel, 26L Gas Booster
70 years of experience designing and manufacturing hot water units
Reduce your carbon footprint.
Enjoy savings on the cost of heating your water
Close Coupled System - Storage Cylinder & Collectors mounted on the roof
Continuous flow gas booster mounted remotely (usually on the blind-side of the house)
Specifically designed for solar ensuring maximum heat retention thus reducing the need for boosting

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  • Height: 
    Length of system 2605mm
  • Depth: 
    height of tank 695mm
  • Indoor/Outdoor: 
  • Width: 
    Width of tank 1735mm, 2 panels 2174
  • System Type: 
    Gas Boost Solar
    Close Coupled
  • Capacity: 
  • Recovery Rate: