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Electric Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

We have many potential clients asking about electric continuous flow hot water systems .
People living in apartments and town houses are especially attracted to the small size of the units and also the nature of continuous flow hot water.

While single phase electric continuous flow hot water systems are available, in the southern half of Australia the manufacturers of these systems do not recommend them to be installed. They will be very limited in water flow pressure and water temperature, reducing even further in the winter months.
If living in the northern states of Australia, single phase systems will work due to the higher ambient water temperature feeding into the electric continuous flow hot water systems .
The higher the kilowatt (kW) rating of this system, the better and stronger the water pressure and the higher the temperature. The single phase units are available in sizes 4.8 kW (4800 watts – 20 amp single phase); 7.1 kW (7100 watts – 30 amp single phase); 9.5 kW (9500 watts – 40amp single phase).

Throughout Australia a 3 phase electric continuous flow hot water systems will provide the best flow and water temperature.
Your electrician will be able to determine if there is 3 phase power available at your property. The 3 phase systems are available in 14.2KW (14200 watts – 20 amp 3 phase); 19.4KW (19400 watts – 30 amp 3 phase); 29.1KW (29100 watts – 40 amp 3 phase).

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