Chromagen Roofline Electric Boost 200l/1P/2.3kw

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Chromagen Close Coupled 200L VE Tank, 1 Eco Blue collector (CR120SP), Electric Booster
Roof-mounted tank & collectors
Thermosiphon system with natural convection circulation of hot water
1 x high efficiency Eco Blue collectors
Reduces power consumption and power bills
Improves the energy efficiency of your home
Reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
Eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates. Eligibility criteria apply
Tank weight empty 65KG with water ~ 265KG
Eco Blue Panel empty 37kg with water 40.6kg
Flat Roof Frame available

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  • Height: 
    System tank and collectors 2772mm
  • Indoor/Outdoor: 
  • Width: 
    System tank and collectors 1274mm
  • System Type: 
    Electric Boost Solar
    Close Coupled
  • Capacity: