Chromagen Roofline 200l 2 Panel 20l Gas Booster

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Chromagen Close Coupled 200L VE Tank, 2 Black Max collectors (CR110BP), 20L Gas Booster
A reliable supply of hot water in any weather or time of day
Reduces power consumption and power bills
Improves the energy efficiency of your home
May make your home more attractive to buyers
Reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
Eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates.
Eligibility criteria apply
Tank weight empty 65KG with water ~ 265KG
Each Black Max panel empty 37kg with water 40.6kg

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  • Height: 
    System tank and collectors 2772mm
  • Indoor/Outdoor: 
  • Width: 
    Tank 1270mm, 2 panels 2194
  • System Type: 
    Gas Boost Solar
    Close Coupled
  • Capacity: 
    200 litres tank 20l gas boost