Bromic Electric - 3 Phase 21kw

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The 21kW 3 Phase Instant electric hot water heater supplies water to several water pick-ups, such as the kitchen and bathroom. The unit is equipped with electronic control and a clear LCD display. The model is rated to 21kW and has a temperature range between 30° to 60°C, delivering instant hot water to suit your home’s needs. The temperature lock allows for the maximum temperature to be set, and the built-in memory function, which stores the 3most frequently used temperatures, allows for easy temperature selection.

LCD Screen

+ Clearly displays desired outlet temperature

+ Displays inlet and outlet water temperatures, the percentage of max. power the unit currently uses, and the water flow rate.

Electronic Control

+ Ensures stability and smooth regulation of the water temperature between 30° to 60°C. With 1°C steps.

Temperature Lock

+ Allows the user to set and save the maximum temperature value (Child safety lock).

Temperature Memory Function

Allows the user to save the 3 most frequently used water temperatures.

No Flue Required


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